The Fine Print Department

Disclaimers and important info that we think our customers would want to know

The Fine Print Department
$5 minimum purchase per person for all parties.
20% Gratuity may be added to parties of 8 or more inside, 6 or more on patio, or payments split between cash & credit card, or on 4 or more credit cards. We will also add gratuity to tabs left open at the bar.
If you wish to split your bill, please inform us before ordering.
Food prices do not include state and local tax.
Half Price Hours
Posted hours for discounts are strictly enforced. We don’t offer the half price deal on the patio. The purchase minimum is per person and drink purchases can’t be split between multiple parties.
No personal checks.
The Patio
Alcohol can only be served with food. There is a $6 minimum per person for patio seating. No half price offered on patio.

GRENDEL’s DEN IS CERTIFIED GREEN BY THE Green Restaurant Association

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